Spring Break 09

When we go to Phoenix, its a true vacation. All we plan on doing is swimming, baseball games, tanning and shopping - and in no particular order. It is relaxing and gives us a chance to thaw out.

The DIVER...he is the pro and taught the boys how to snorkel in the pool. Now they're ready for a cruise!

These guys are fish! And did awesome at snorkeling. Kannen had some kind of allergic reaction to the mask we think (he wore it so much) - his face got swollen and really dry. He looked like a chipmunk - we tried not to laugh!

This is how much Jaesee saw at the baseball games! (She's only worried about getting tan).
We went to a Cubs and Royals game (Cubs won) and a Rockies and Indians game (Rockies won). The boys got a few autographs and Grandpa J.C. and Jerilyn came down for 2 days to hang out!

Phoenix Suns

Spring break in Phoenix for our second year in a row. One of the things we look forward to is the Phoenix Suns. This year we got leather seats in the Lexus Club (good to have connections)!

At least he knows how to pick 'em...

Rush didn't care about the dancers, but didn't mind posing by Ronald McDonald!

Rushton is 6

Rushton's 6th birthday at Kincaid Elementary. He got to make his crown, wear the "birthday vest" and pass out the cupcakes we made.


Our first cruise to the Southern Caribbean in Nov 08. Long overdue! We went to 5 islands in 7 days: St. Thomas, St. Martin (stayed on the Dutch side), Antigua, St. Lucia (saw the famous Pitons) and Barbados.

Can you see us? We stand out like a sore thumb in that mix. Aaahhh, the music of the steel drums - it is so relaxing and so"Caribbean" you KNOW you're on a beautiful island somewhere!

We got to swim with the stingrays in Antigua. It was amazing and creepy at the same time! They circled you and rubbed their quick, slimy, smooth bodies around you, looking for food. When I fed one, my thumb got sucked into its mouth a little. We snorkeled around a little, and Jared wished he would have brought his own gear (that actually fit).

Bulldog football 08

Kannen Dye, #32 for the Dimond Bulldogs! They made it to State and played their final game in October when there was already snow on the ground. Hot chocolate and bundles of clothes was the only way to make it through this game. They didn't win and it was an emotional time for coaches and team....better men were made.

Jared loves this stuff....and as long as Rush has sticks or something to hit, he's fine.

Grandpa J.C. got to come up and watch -

The Volley-balla

Jaesee started out on the C Team for Dimond High School - Home of the Lynx. She was talked about all season and they kept wanting to move her up to J.V., but there wasn't enough room until almost the end of the year. She did move up though, and she flourished in her skills. Every coach loves her for her serves, and after 5 successful ones, she got to do a jump serve like you see here.


We take a halibut charter at least once a summer - and even more when people visit. This was with Greg's family and dad and Jerilyn. There were 13 of us and we had a new boat to ourselves. We limited out - even the kids caught their share. By the time it was processed and frozen, we headed home with 250 lbs. of meat!


A natural wonder - you can't imagine the thunderous sound of a glacier "calving"