Our first cruise to the Southern Caribbean in Nov 08. Long overdue! We went to 5 islands in 7 days: St. Thomas, St. Martin (stayed on the Dutch side), Antigua, St. Lucia (saw the famous Pitons) and Barbados.

Can you see us? We stand out like a sore thumb in that mix. Aaahhh, the music of the steel drums - it is so relaxing and so"Caribbean" you KNOW you're on a beautiful island somewhere!

We got to swim with the stingrays in Antigua. It was amazing and creepy at the same time! They circled you and rubbed their quick, slimy, smooth bodies around you, looking for food. When I fed one, my thumb got sucked into its mouth a little. We snorkeled around a little, and Jared wished he would have brought his own gear (that actually fit).

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