Spring Break 09

When we go to Phoenix, its a true vacation. All we plan on doing is swimming, baseball games, tanning and shopping - and in no particular order. It is relaxing and gives us a chance to thaw out.

The DIVER...he is the pro and taught the boys how to snorkel in the pool. Now they're ready for a cruise!

These guys are fish! And did awesome at snorkeling. Kannen had some kind of allergic reaction to the mask we think (he wore it so much) - his face got swollen and really dry. He looked like a chipmunk - we tried not to laugh!

This is how much Jaesee saw at the baseball games! (She's only worried about getting tan).
We went to a Cubs and Royals game (Cubs won) and a Rockies and Indians game (Rockies won). The boys got a few autographs and Grandpa J.C. and Jerilyn came down for 2 days to hang out!

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